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What is an IEO?

An Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a token sale that is carried out directly on a cryptocurrency exchange by an issuer. The tokens purchased are already listed on the exchange that is hosting the IEO and are purchased directly through the exchange architecture.


What is the difference between an ICO and an IEO?

A traditional ICO model attempts to fundraise through the purchase of native tokens by investors directly from token issuers, usually followed by an effort by the issuer to list the tokens on an exchange. In the IEO model, the tokens are listed directly on the exchange by the issuer, allowing investors to purchase an already listed token. If an ICO is the digital equivalent of an IPO, an IEO is analogous to a "direct listing".


How do I take part in an IEO / token sale?

Once the token sale is open, investors with an exchange account can purchase tokens on the exchange at a fixed and pre-announced price or a floating price, depending on the structure of the IEO. Each IEO will have its own fixed terms, such as maximum contributions per investor.


Are my funds safe?

Your funds are stored in fully-secured Exchange wallets and protected by our industry leading security mechanisms and protocols.


What are the benefits of an IEO?

Trust and Security: IEOs at are thoroughly vetted coins that have passed through the rigorous scrutiny of our legal, compliance and investment teams.


Low Risk of Fraud: As you are purchasing tokens on the Exchange and not from individual token-issuers, you do not face the risk of a compromised smart-contract or other forms of fraud.


Already Listed: As the tokens purchased in an IEO are already listed on the Exchange, an investor does not need to worry about buying a token that never ends up being listed on any exchange.

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