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What is SIDT?

SID Limited is a Gibraltar based company that uses SID (Share Internet Data) technology which is a peer-to-multi-peer decentralized internet sharing system that allows sharing internet from one person’s smartphone to another nearby in an automated manner. Certain users will be able to get free Internet access by obtaining tokens in exchange for consuming advertising. Such obtained tokens can then be used to consume internet megabytes from other nearby users in exchange for tokens OR users will simply trade some of their tokens directly with other SID users. To learn more about this project please visit their website at


How can I purchase the SID Token (SIDT)?

Navigate to the exchange and click on the markets widget which shows all markets. You will need to select the “USD(s)” market and scroll down until you see the “SIDT/USDT” trading pair. Double click on the SIDT/USDT market to start trading.


Do I need to have a verified account to participate in the SIDT IEO?

Yes, In order to purchase the SID token SIDT please create a exchange account. Once your account is created you will need to submit your KYC and AML documentation in order to access the SIDT/USDT market to purchase SIDT.


To verify your account, please navigate to your account profile tab from within the exchange. You will be asked to provide your KYC and AML documents. Normally the account verification process is completed within 24 hours. You will receive an email that your account is verified. After your account is verified you can the access the SIDT/USDT market.


Why is there only one market to purchase SIDT?

The issuer, Share Internet Data Limited, has requested certain parameters to facilitate this IEO. For this reason, only the SIDT/USDT market is available. If you do not have USDT and would like to purchase SIDT please exchange your non USDT assets on the exchange for USDT. You may then purchase SIDT.


Why Can’t I Place Orders On The Ask (Sell Orders) Once I Have Purchased SIDT?

Sell orders are disabled during the IEO. Once the IEO is complete and the issuer is ready to activate the markets for SIDT, will enable sell orders.


When is the SIDT IEO Finished?

SIDT can be purchased until it is officially listed on the exchange.


Is selling SIDT?

No. The exchange is simply offering a means to facilitates the transaction between the SIDT issuer and the IEO participant.


How many SIDT are available for sale?

The issuer creates the market for the SIDT IEO and therefore controls how much they are willing to sell and at what price. Please refer to the order book for more information.


Is there a minimum order amount to purchase SIDT?

Yes the minimum value is 10 USDT, Minimum order size is 1 with 2 decimal precision (for example, an order size that is 1.11 is valid while an order size that is 0.99 is not).


Is the SIDT IEO only being sold to the community?

No. All traders, new and existing are welcomed to participate in SIDT IEO if they are so inclined. hopes to attract additional traders to the exchange by expanding our services to IEO projects and their communities.

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