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My deposit did not arrive

Please confirm that the recipient’s address belongs to the exchange, and that the address is correct.

If you have input the wrong address, or transferred a token that isn’t listed on exchange, your funds won't arrive and cannot recover them.


1. There is no record on the blockchain.
Please check the transaction id in blockchain, it makes sense to contact send party if there is no record or it shows fail.


2.There are records in blockchain, but the confirmation is insufficient.

The deposit transaction will be automatic, and the transfer will need to be confirmed by the blockchain, and your funds will be automatically deposited to your account after several confirmations. The amount of time it takes for your deposit to arrive depends on the current network throughput being used by the blockchain you are depositing from.


Please check the confirmation of your transfer in the following websites


BTC blockchain:
ETH blockchain:
LTC blockchain:
BCH blockchain


3.The transfer has been confirmed but still hasn’t arrived.
If you have received enough confirmations for your transaction, please try checking your account again in 2-3 hours. Sometimes, there is a delay in the time needed for our system to record your deposit.


If you still haven’t received your deposit after 3 hours, please contact our customer service and provide the following info:


The recipient’s address and TXID (transaction ID)
The type and amount of coins.
Your email address on

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